Clients and publications


– Porpoise Conservation Society
– SEAMMO (Sea Mammal Monitoring Organisation)
– MARS (Marine Animal Response Society)

– SECAC (Society for the study of cetaceans in the Canary Archipelago)
– Norwegian Orca Survey
– SEALIFE dolphin watching Lagos
– Kruger Explorer App
– Zoo Zurich / Richnerstutz
– Texas State Aquarium

– National Marine Mammal Foundation
– Center for Biological Diversity
– WildAid
– Conservation International, Hong Kong
– Finnish Association for Nature Conservation
– ELI-scientific
– Jacko Fijn Techniek
– Deep Green Wilderness
– Zazi Brands



– “The Natural History of Madagascar”, latest edition coming 2021, Goodman et al.
– “Encyclopedia of Marine mammals”, Third edition, 2017, Würsig et al.
– “Losing Altitude”, 2016, Arras Wiedorn.
– Magazine Suomen Luonto, November issue, 2017, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.
– Orcazine, Nr 1.
– Spyhopper, Qtr 3, 2014, American Cetacean Society newsletter.
– Cabrera, A. A., Schall, E., Bérubé, M., Bachmann, L., Berrow, S., Best, P. B., … & Findlay, K. P. (2018). Strong and lasting impacts of past global warming on baleen whale and prey abundance. bioRxiv, 497388.
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– Presentations at the 2015 conference of the Society of Marine Mammology by Andrews et al. and Gol’din et al.
– “Robins wonderlijke reis naar Lovestation22”, 2014, Kool & Lucas.
– WildAid television documentary on the Vaquita.