Commission information

I work with different media and styles in my art. For an idea of what’s possible, please see the galleries. I do both drawings and paintings, as well as scientific illustrations, and am happy to work with scientists, companies or private individuals. I specialise in drawing wildlife (especially cetaceans) and railway scenes, but artwork of other subjects can certainly be commissioned too. If you are unsure of what style, subject or size of painting (be it digital or traditional) to choose, I am more than happy to discuss and advice!

Hourly rate: €20 / hr
This rate may increase with a tight deadline.

Please read the terms and conditions before requesting a commission.
This will inform you of both our rights and the commissioning process.

If you are looking to license existing work, see here.


Price for illustrations depends on size and complexity. All prices given are based on cetacean subjects, other species may cost more or less. Assuming medium sized illustrations, of 1500-2500px width, I work with three price classes:




Larger illustrations may cost more. Touching up or changing (the style of) an existing illustration is also possible. This fee depends on the nature and amount of work needed, but is only small (circa €20,-).

On top of this price usually comes a usage fee – the right to use the illustrations for your intended purposes. This can be either non-exclusive, meaning the illustrations may be re-licensed again to another organisation somewhere in the future (cheaper option) or exclusive, meaning you are the only people allowed to use the illustrations ( more expensive). If you want me to arrange the paintings into a poster format with species names and perhaps other information, that would be a small extra fee too of course.

WILDLIFE & RAILWAY PAINTINGS: pricing and examples

While painting scientific illustrations is a pretty consistent and predictable process, wildlife/railway paintings are a different bunch. Every project is unique and the number and complexity of subjects greatly influences the time needed to finish it. Backgrounds too can be as simple as flat blue ocean, or as complex as a rain forest canopy with dozens of hand-painted leaves (or completely absent). The style may be loose and painterly, or detailed down to the last feather. Especially digital art, where detail can be applied roughly or with immense precision, is highly variable in time commitment. As such I can’t manage fixed prices as with the scientific illustrations.

As a general rule of thumb: the bigger, the more detailed, the more complex, and the more subjects a scene contains, the longer it takes. Steam engines, by their nature, are far more complex than any living creature, and thus take more time to accurately portray. This may be reflected in the price. The examples below are only meant to give a rough idea of what prices to expect for what kind of painting.

Please contact me to discuss a precise price quote for your desired commission. And if you have a certain budget to work with, I am always willing to try and accommodate.

Painterly style, sketchy lineart, no background  –  €60-100

Semi realism, simple background  –  €150-200

Realism, complex scene and/or background  –  €300-600

Realism, highly complex scene and/or background  –  €900+