Railway Art – Pen(cil) drawings

These are hand-decorated steam engine shirts. One of a kind, since the illustrations are drawn directly onto the shirt with textile markers.

Two of these engines reside at the heritage railway I volunteer at – obviously not Gadwall (not in the least because she was bombed to pieces in WWII), but the two German engines. 23 071 is, together with her ‘sister’ 23 076, the fastest engine we have. Sporty engines those Baureihe 23s, the very last class to come out of Germany. 41 241 has been with us for about 3 years now, and is slowly being converted from oil-firing to coal-firing, so some day she can run again on our line. Unusually for a German engine, she carries a name: Polarstern, or Pole star in English. She was granted this name for travelling to Narvik, the most northern train station in Europe, and crossing the polar circle as she did so.