Waiting for morning

A VOSSLOH G2000 diesel locomotive slumbers, waiting for morning to be collected after maintenance. Colleagues from the Dutch Railways and Arriva rest their wheels in the background. Commissioned by Jacko Fijn Techniek, a Dutch company that gives maintenance to a whole range of locomotives, G2000s amongst them. The location is fictional, but loosely based off the yard in Zutphen.

My very first railway commission, which I was and am very grateful for. It was a huge challenge to paint though. Locomotives, and G2000s in particular, are much more angular than natural subjects, meaning they are far less forgiving of mistakes in perspective. I remember spending hours tweaking the loco’s precise position and proportions, thinking I finally nailed it only to overhaul everything the next day. It still doesn’t look 100% right to me, but hopefully it isn’t as noticeable to others. I am very happy happy with the loco’s details and background though. Early morning gives such a nice atmosphere to work with, with the lamps providing different hues and interesting lighting. Lots of thanks to Walter for commissioning this piece.

– Digital