Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions that apply when commissioning me. Please read through them carefully to prevent misunderstandings! By commissioning me you declare to have read, understood, and agreed to them.

If you have any question regarding these, do not hesitate to contact me :)


  • Digital artwork can only be offered as high resolution digital download. Traditional artwork (i.e. watercolour paintings and pen(cil) drawings) will of course have the original shipped to you. I live in the Netherlands but will ship artwork worldwide. Additional fees for packaging and shipping will apply.
  • Usually I take care of the reference material. However, if you have any specific references you want to share – either for inspiration or to base the painting on – you are more than welcome to!
  • For large projects (above €50) I will keep you informed on progress of the commissioned artwork. Some small adjustments can be made along the way free of charge, but for large or many changes to the (finished) artwork, additional fees may apply.
  • For small projects (below €50) the commissioned artwork will be completed in one go, after discussing your wishes of course. Any changes to the finished artwork will require an additional fee.


Payment and pricing

  • A price is agreed upon after discussing your wishes and ideas for the commissioned artwork. This price does not yet include any potential shipping fees for traditional artwork.
  • All prices are VAT free. My business has been exempted from VAT duties, so I no longer have to charge VAT for my work.
  • Payment can be accepted through paypal or (international) bank transfer, whichever you prefer. Details for both can be found on the invoice I’ll send.
  • Normally a deposit of 50% is required for work to start. The other half is paid when the commissioned artwork is completed and you’re happy with the end result. However, alternative payment plans can be discussed for either much larger or smaller projects. Don’t be afraid to ask, I’m always happy to work something out!
  • Under no circumstance will the original artwork be made available for download or shipped before full payment has been made.
  • If you decide to cancel the commission after we agreed to it, I reserve the right to keep the paid deposit – even if work has not yet started. If further payments beyond the deposit have been made and work has already started or been completed, I reserve the right to keep any paid money according to the proportion of work done.
  • I reserve the right to cancel or refuse a commission at any time, prior to the start of or during work, for whatever reason. Of course a full refund will always be given on such occasions.


Copyright and use of commissioned artwork

  • Copyright of the commissioned artwork will always remain with me, under all circumstances, unless discussed otherwise.
  • Unless discussed otherwise, you may only use the commissioned artwork for personal enjoyment and display.
  • You are not allowed to edit, alter, or gain profit from the commissioned artwork in any way without express written permission from me. If you wish to (re)post the commissioned artwork anywhere on the internet, you’ll need to ask permission. I’m happy to provide you with a small and suitably watermarked version of the artwork.
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive usage rights can be purchased along with the artwork. Think of use in books, field guides, posters, websites, merchandise, etc. Please discuss this with me while ordering a commission.
  • I retain the right to display all commissioned artwork in promotional material, both printed (e.g. business cards) and digital media (e.g. website or social media), regardless of usage rights sold to you. All my digital uploads will be at smaller size and watermarked. However, if the artwork is meant as a gift or surprise, let me know! I’m happy to wait with posting until the gift has been given :)
  • I retain the right to use the commissioned artwork in prints and other merchandise where appropriate, unless exclusive usage rights have been sold to the client. Usually I will ask you beforehand if you’re okay with it, especially if it’s a personal piece to you.