DOLPHINS OF A DIFFERENT COLOUR • Delphinus delphis • the short-beaked common dolphin who lost her dorsal overlay •

Short-beaked common dolphins are perhaps the species most frequently observed with anomalous colouration. All sorts of fun things can happen. Like many dolphins, their markings appear to consist of two overlapping systems: the yellow ‘cape’ and the grey ‘dorsal overlay’, where the two meet they form black. In some rare cases the dorsal overlay disappears, leaving only the yellow cape. It provides a fascinating insight into the make-up of their markings. Often these dolphins have little bits of overlay remaining at both end of their body, explaining the grey tail and dark facial markings. In some the normal-coloured parts are wider, leaving a yellow-and-white band in the centre of the body, while others have no black at all.

– Watercolour on hot-pressed paper, 14.8 x 21 cm (original available).