Forever Yours

Here’s a very special and beautiful commission. A little while back I was asked to paint Corky II, swimming underwater with a trainer. She’s a special whale to many, including the client, and is well known for her kind and gentle personality. New trainers learning about waterworks for the first time were usually paired up with Corky because of it. She’s an older lady now, coming up to 57, but hopefully she’s many more years ahead of her.

For this piece the client wanted to show Corky in a serene, almost magical setting, which I think worked wonderfully. This was so fun and relaxing to paint, I really loved the colours and killer whales are of course always a treat. I’m very happy I got asked to paint this special whale. A lot of work went into making Corky look right, so I hope she’s recognisable to those who know her.

– Digital