Out of time

There it is. The surface. So close the light dances painfully in her eyes. She can’t help but keep looking. So close. And yet something keeps her down. Invisible tendrils stroked her side in a completely unpleasant way, like a jellyfish she didn’t see in time. But instead of swirling away when she flicked her tail at them, the silvery strands held fast. The more she twisted the more it grabbed her. And now her flukes and fins ache from the sharp bites it delivered. So now she hangs still, because moving hurts. Something needs to be done. But what? There it is, the surface. So close. But somehow, it is getting darker.


Another commission for the lovely people at the Porpoise Conservation Society to draw attention to what is probably the vaquita’s swan song. This species is running out of time. The attempted captive breeding project was not a succes. Now only a handful remain. Their fate remains uncertain, but unless the Mexican government steps up hard, it will soon be sealed.

– Digital