Arabian camel (Camelus dromedarius)

These two fashionable ladies are Dromedaries, also known as Arabian camels. Perhaps not the most glamorous animals that could come to mind, especially not if you only know them as the dull, sandy coloured, slobbery lipped animals from the circus or the zoo. In the United Arab Emirates, it’s a whole different story. Camels are literally revered over there, and considered by far to be the most beautiful creatures in the world. They’re loved, and so much so that there’s even camel beauty contests for them.

The one in Abu Dhabi is the largest. Hundreds of gorgeous shiny, dark-skinned camels are brought in from all over the country to compete in looks, and looks alone. They are adorned with shimmering gold harnesses, necklaces and tassles, and some camel owners even try to cheat by putting some fake eyelashes on to accentuate their eyes. And, just as in the human world, camel supermodels come with big price tags: one top beauty can cost you as much as 12 million US dollars!