Wildlife Art – Sketches and studies

Does every sketch an artist makes end up as a beautiful, finished painting? Or even, you know, good? … presentable?

I wish. Still, sketches are great fun and good practise and having notebook upon notebook filled with them guarantees you’ll have something to paint for the next 20 years.

Ballpoint pen

Some pages from my sketchbook. It’s been everywhere with me, to Norway, Curacao, Ibiza, Kenya, Italy, and more. Different places inspire different things to be drawn; like the bananaquits in Curacao who landed on the table to steal sugar, and provided great live-study material!

A bird a day

A couple of entries from a project started in 2016 with the plan of drawing one bird species for every day of the year. Every entry featured multiple sketches and an interesting fact about the species. Regrettably, the project didn’t survive for more than five weeks. All drawings are photo studies; some of those photos are my own, but most came from the Internet Bird Collection.

Ballpoint pen & Digital

Here’s a general assortment of sketches from all over the place, including a fair share made at university & high school (sorry, teachers). Some are done digitally, but most with ballpoint pens.