Wildlife Art – Pen(cil) drawings

‘Febirdary 2018’
In February of 2018 I participated in an online event set up by American artist Virginia Greene, dubbed ‘Febirdary’. It originally started in 2016 as ‘Decembird’, but Decembird 2017 was skipped, and as such moved to February of the next year. It is an informal challenge to draw a bird every day of the month. There is no real pressure for completing a drawing every day, or to finish the month in full, it is merely meant as a fun way to practise drawing birds. Prompts are provided for every day (such as ‘Young’, ‘Not a bird, as a bird’) to provide inspiration, though artists are free to deviate.

I completed 11 entries, before I had to abandon the project. It was a wonderful opportunity to draw some strange birds, learn new things, and try out my coloured pencils again.