DOLPHINS OF A DIFFERENT COLOUR • Lissodelphis peronii • the ‘northern’ southern right whale dolphin •

Both right whale dolphins posses a most striking black-and-white colouration: but whereas the northern right whale dolphin goes in for mostly black and some white, the southern is mostly white with some black. At least usually. There exist many sightings of oddities: all and partial white individuals, white spots, greys and dappled grey instead of black. Sadly none seem to have been recorded in photographs – none except these all black animals. In New Zealand a group was spotted with no less than four odd dolphin, including one mother-calf pair. Like the dusky dolphin of before these dolphin are melanistic: an exces of melanin is produced, obscuring the normal colouration pattern. Unfortunately due to the poor sighting quality it is unknown whether these dolphins are truly yet black, or more of a deep ebony like the dusky dolphin.

– Watercolour on hot-pressed paper, 14.8 x 21 cm (original available)